Rules for Events

Rules for all Elite Poker Events

At Elite Poker, we bring a professional quality game, to the amateur poker league. Your tournament staff do their best to maintain the quality and integrity of the game at all times. A few rules to ensure that all players have an enjoyable rewarding experience.

§ All players will respect each other, and the game. Disruptive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated at any Elite Poker event, or function. Remember, first and foremost, Poker is a game, enjoy it!

§ Elite Poker Tournaments are always FREE to play, for customers of Host Venues. If you are not a proper customer of the venue, membership in Elite Poker, does not allow you to participate. All players are expected to patronize the venue. Gift certificate purchases are acceptable as well.

§ There is absolutely NO WAGERING, or GAMBLING of any kind allowed during Elite Poker tournaments. Anyone found to be wagering in any way, will be removed from the tour. Please keep all money off the table at all times.

§ Obscene language or profanity has no place in this league, please watch your language at the tables, remember, in some of our venues, children may be within earshot.

§ There should not be any “Coaching” of a player who is still in a hand, nor should you criticize anyone’s play. If you get “rivered” accept it as a part of poker, and get over it.

§ Do not “Splash the pot” and make sure after each betting round, all bets are collected and “potted” Remember the immortal words of “Jimmy Mac”…...Make a pot!

§ Please, no “Rabbit Hunting” it just slows down the game, and never “Hunt the muck” it is dirty, and considered cheating.

§ Only 1 player away from the table at any time, please be considerate of your fellow players, and keep smoke breaks short.

Registration Rules

¨ Registration is on a first come basis. Tournaments are limited to 80 players. 64 players max will start any tournament, with a maximum of 16 alternates who will be placed on the waiting list. Waiting list players can only be inserted into the game for the first 3 blind levels (approx 1 hr). Waiting list players will have an appropriate amount of chips removed from starting stack to compensate for missed blinds. Ask tournament staff for further details.

¨ Registration begins 1 hour prior to event start, players are encouraged to arrive early to ensure a starting seat.

¨ When seated in tournament from the waiting list, there is no need to “post” unless you are seated in either of the blinds. The only seat you CANNOT get a hand, is between the DEALER and SMALL BLIND, all other seats get immediate hands

Gameplay Rules

© For full tournament rules please see the Tournament Directors Association website.

© For full Gameplay rules please see WSOP ruleset

© At all times, the integrity of the game is the foremost concern of the tournament staff, any kinds of cheating (collusion, chip dumping or information trading) will result in revocation of membership in Elite Poker.

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