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Welcome to the home of Elite Poker. Elite Poker is more than just an amateur pub-league, we strive to be your total poker community. With Elite Poker, you are assured of a quality poker game, even at the amateur level. We give you more game play, more incentive, and more fun.  Elite Poker is here to bring together a community of amateur poker players, giving them the chance to learn, improve and enjoy tournament poker. There is never any gambling or wagering of any kind at the events, allowing for a safe inexpensive way to enjoy No Limit Hold ‘Em.  Events can be found in Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Stoney Creek and Oakville. With more to come!

The strength of Elite Poker lies firmly with the players who attend our events. Our players are always friendly and welcoming. All skill levels are welcome, from the novice to the professional. Poker is the most inclusive sport in the world, men, women, young and old, all play together, with no advantage given to anyone.

Elite Poker is hosted by Sonny “The Money” Rattan, analyst and commentator for televised Poker Stars events, such as the Moneymaker Millionaire, and the NHLPA Million Dollar Charity Shootout. With 20+ years of poker experience, Sonny can help the novice, or the experienced player alike, further their game.

So don’t hesitate, come out to one of our host locations, and participate in the most explosive sports trend in recent years!! Elite Poker is always free to play, for the customers of the hosting venues. If you are interested in having Elite Poker in your venue, contact us .

Don’t settle for less, Demand quality, Demand honesty, Demand Elite Poker

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